Is The Lord hanging out on Illinois Route 4 North of Chatham IL

As we were heading into Springfield this afternoon we saw something we had never seen on Route 4 before. A man dressed in all white robe wearing a cross necklace that would make Flavor Flav jealous walking with a large wooden stick heading down the highway. I didn’t have my video camera out at the time so I missed him. We decided to find a place to safely and legally turn around to head back to find him. As we drove South on Route 4 heading back towards the location he was no longer there. I had asked my girlfriend if she had seen him when we drove by the first time – she jokingly asked – what are you talking about – I didn’t see anything. When driving past Southbound we both kind of freaked when he wasn’t there.

We hadn’t been drinking and as far as we were aware we didn’t eat anything “funny” at the Farmers Market in Springfield this morning. So we figured there had to be an explanation. Once again we found a place to safely & legally turn around – no dangerous U-turns. As we headed back Northbound on Route 4 we didn’t see the man. Only when I looked down into the ravine / ditch on the side of the highway – under a large tree we saw what we were looking for.

In the video as we pass you can barely make him out under the tree. Supposedly he was waving at me as I recorded him. I can’t see that in the video unfortunately. Better than the young kid who looked like Sid Vicious years ago in a Wyoming Little America giving me the finger.

Of course when we came home just now we kept an eye out for “The Lord”. Once again we didn’t see him. I jokingly said he was probably hanging out in the private cemetery. There was a dark blue SUV parked in front of that location. As we passed we saw the man walking to the front of the cemetery. It was right then that we saw an Illinois State Police squad car pulling up.

I’m sure you know what happened next – once again we found a safe place to turn around and head back the other way. It’s not every day you get a chance to see if The Lord is going to be arrested.

As far as I’m aware this person wasn’t causing harm or harassing anyone. You never know if someone is fully sane – especially if they are dressed up in religious attire. This man could easily be mistaken for a cult leader. Then again maybe instead of a murdering child molester – he is just a traveler spreading peace and love.

In the video you can see the ISP squad car sitting in front of the private cemetery. You can barely make out this “man of the cloth” standing in the middle of these grounds. Since I didn’t want to get involved in the situation the video is a drive-by – which doesn’t provide the best quality.

Would have loved to have heard this call dispatched. I’d tend to bet the dispatcher would have thought the caller was drunk, high or out of their mind. I’d tend to bet that anyone calling in stating they just saw Jesus walking down the road or hanging out in a cemetery wouldn’t be taken very seriously.

Photo from girlfriend’s iPhone.

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