Red Chevy Volt in the wild Apple Barn Chatham IL

As we were leaving the Apple Barn in Chatham IL this evening – imagine my surprise when out of the corner of my eye the Volt logo showed itself. I’ve seen many Chevy Volts at different electric vehicle shows and at several dealerships. But the one above is only the second I’ve seen in the wild. What I find amazing is that I found this one so close to home.

The majority of people in this area are very closed minded to new technologies. Most have the very misguided drill baby drill attitude. Many seem to have the attitude that alternative vehicles are for hippies and pansies. It was nice to talk with one person who seemed to have a completely different mindset.

I didn’t get around to the very front because the owners of the car were coming up and wanting to head home. A nice older couple are the proud owners. Actually who I assume was the man’s wife seemed less than interested in chatting. Her husband was very gracious about answering questions.

One of the first things he want to do was point out the QR code on the back driverside passenger window. He told me twice that I could scan the logo to get more information. I’m not sure if that is his standard answer because he has been asked a lot of questions. Or if his salesperson drilled this into his head. I’d venture a guess I have to be the first person taking video of their car in a parking lot.

Imagine my further surprised when I asked him where he purchased the car. The vehicle was bought from Miles Chevrolet in Decatur IL. That is the dealership my Uncle worked at for many years before his passing. It’s also where I’ve taken photos and video of various Volts. I have some video from a recent tent sale showing two of their Volts – I need to get that content up & running here.

During our cordial conversation the owner let me know he drives about 40 miles a day. Almost all of those miles are on battery power alone and that he rarely fills the gasoline tank. He seemed extremely happy to be a Chevy Volt owner.

As far as I’m aware – from what I’ve seen with my own eyes – this may be the only Chevy Volt owner in our area. Although my girlfriend swore she was sitting next to one at a stoplight the other day. She didn’t take a photo so I have to just take her word for it. Either way it was nice to see at least one couple in our area who seem to understand the importance of driving this car and the logical reasons for doing so.

Even after telling the driver I had a website featuring other Chevy Volts – I don’t think he fully understood I was going to do my best to make his car “famous”.

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