Two Chevy Volts at Miles Tent Sale June 2012

This video is a combination of two taken on different days ( Saturday June 9th & Sunday June 10th 2012 ). The first day when I tried to take video I was busted by one of the sales people. Over by the large inflated monsterzilla – several employees were having a chat. I guess a few wondered why some guy was recording the Volts. One of them stated that the person recording most likely was a blogger. Of course he had to interrupt my video work to ask me if he was right.

We chatted for a few minutes before I mentioned my Uncles name. That of course broke the ice. Come to find out he actually knows a couple of my cousins. I forgot to get a card from this person – unfortunately I’m blanking on their name right now.

What is just as funny as after this salesperson left I got busted out by one of the Miles Nissan sales staff. He remembered me from a previous visit and our chat about the Nissan Leaf.

On Sunday when no sales staff were present I was able to get a longer recording of both Volts.

I have photos of a Red Chevy Volt inside the Miles Chevrolet showroom – including their installed charger. I’ll get those up & running here at a later date and time.

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