Sally’s Fields Guinness Flowers at Springfield Downtown Farmers Market July 14 2012

I don’t think these flowers were actually being fed Guinness beer. But the Guinness bottle ( which used to have “balls” – actually a widget in it – Guinness bottles no longer have this ) got recycled as a flower vase. This video was taken at Sally’s Fields Springfield Downtown Farmers Market stand on July 14 2012.

Sally’s Field is the only Downtown Farmers Market vendor I have seen using the Square payment system. Something I’ve argued all vendors should offer customers.

“Square is an electronic payment service, provided by Square Inc. Square allows users in the United States to accept credit cards through their mobile phones, either by swiping the card on the Square device or by manually entering the details on the phone.”

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Sally’s Fields Good Food. Grown Right. Right Here.

Downtown Springfield Farmer’s Market

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