2012 Illinois State Fair Butter Cow

Here is video I took today of the 2012 Illinois State Fair Butter Cow. This is actually a combination of two separate recordings. Both where taken from opposite sides of the display freezer.

This is the first year I’ve had a digital camcorder to use for this yearly event. In my opinion it is much easier to record video than to take multiple pictures. Definitely one of the least stressful years in that regard. Compared with previous years trying to get multiple shots without someone getting in the way.

Most people this year were surprisingly courtesy and tried their best to keep out of the camera view. Very odd considering in years past – the opposite behavior was common when I tried to take photos. Of course there are still the occasional heads and bodies that pop into the frame from time to time in the video.

For those of you who haven’t made it out to the Illinois State Fair yet or can’t. The video gives you idea of what to look forward to or what you are missing.

Once again the butter cow will be a work in progress during the fair. I’m not a big fan of this – but can see two sides to the situation. In one instance it’s cool to see the sculptor doing the work in public. This allows people to see and understand the process. But for those who aren’t local or can’t make multiple trips to the Illinois State Fair – it deprives them of getting to see and enjoy the finished product.

The butter cow has now become a project similar to the sand sculptors many years ago. If you can make multiple visits you get to see how the work progresses from start to finish. It’s only towards the end of the event that you get to see a finished work of art.

I am a big fan of the display being moved to the middle of the room in a case that allows for better viewing opportunities and angles. I’m still wondering why the case isn’t all glass for at least three sides. The non glass structure pieces between the panels really ruin the viewing experience. There should be continuous glass as much as possible.

I’m assuming the person bundled up inside the freezer is Sculptor Sharon BuMann. The local newspaper states she has been sculpting the Illinois State Fair Butter Cow for a decade now.

From what the state fair announcer kept saying many times – the butter cow is a recycled product. Each year the butter is refrozen to be used the following year.

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