Did you see the light the other night

Was it aliens? A meteor? Just a freak weather anomaly? Maybe it was secret government testing going on? No one seems to know for sure. The only fact that is solid is that many people saw whatever it was. The accounts vary from the different reports. Many people are reporting seeing different things. All I can say for sure is I saw a flash of light then nothing. This wasn’t all that unusual actually. I had seen lighting in this direction previously during this time of year. I thought that was odd. But read somewhere that this type of thing can occur. So at first I just wrote it off to something weather related. There was only one quick fairly bright flash. No one else was in the room at the time to see it. Not until starting to read the morning paper did I see that I wasn’t alone in seeing the light that night. As far as I’m aware there have been no reports of crop circles or strange flying vehicles. Although I’m not a UFO skeptic. I don’t think this was related to another advanced race visiting our part of the galaxy.

While the State Journal Register ran a story saying this most likely wasn’t a meteor shower. Other news organizations are stating it most likely was. I’ll leave all of you to be the judge of what this was or wasn’t. The fact is something lit up the sky over many states a few nights ago.

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