Will Cyber Hunting be the next big thing online

If Illinois has it's way this won't be the next big thing online. Personally I'm not sure what people are all up in arms about. Yes I'm fully aware that many of us are animal lovers. I'm aware that many people feel that for hunting to be a sport there must be the thrill of the chase. Many people feel this is the only way for the animal to have a fighting chance. But as long as the animal isn't lured into a trap and forced to stay there. How is Cyber Hunting any different from if the “hunter” was actually present at the location of the kill? I'm against kills that have been setup that don't give an animal a fair shot at life. Since I'm just now starting to do a little reading on Cyber Hunting. I'm not sure if there have been any cases where an animal was trapped or confined in some way to make a fair chance at escape impossible. If all the Cyber Hunter is doing is taking their shot when the prey comes into focus. How is this any different than if the hunter was actually there? I think states are probably more worried about lost revenue than the actual welfare of the animal being hunted.

It's definitely not hard to see where there would be problems with implementing such a website and service. Meeting any and all hunting regulations would seem difficult. Since you would be hunting over the internet. Would you in fact have to have a hunting license for the state in which you live and another license for the state the actual online hunt is taking place? This of course assumes your not in the same state. Who would regulate and make sure all legal guidelines were being met?

There of course are many people that are ethically against this type of hunting. I can see some valid arguments being made in this regard. The first being how truly sporting is this method of hunting? Would people who wouldn't normally take part in hunting do so online? Cyber Hunting could desensitize the participant who is performing the online hunt. People who might not actually want to deal with the real life implications of hunting. Might in fact be willing to do so online. Because this could make the situation seem a little less real. Your not there having to deal with the situation in person. So this may seem more like a video game than an actual real life kill.

Honestly I could really see something like this taking off and being highly successful. Even with all the objections being raised by people and many States. Currently several States have laws on the books banning Cyber Hunting.


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