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I figured this was a good time to finally get this written. Since Illinois Senator Barack Obama is most likely going to announce his run for President in 2008 tomorrow. This announcement will take place on the Old State Capital steps in Springfield, Illinois. Honestly I’m far from a big fan. I have a hard time figuring out what all the hype is about. So I most likely won’t be present tomorrow when Obama makes his speech. Not like he will be here for long. He is scheduled to be in Iowa later that day. This may be how elections have always been ran. But to me this is a completely stupid way of doing things. It’s a real good way to wear a candidate down as well. So they won’t be at their peak performance. Although Barack Obama is doing what I would call a snub by not sticking around a full day. I’m sure the masses of Springfield will be awash in Obama Mania tomorrow. It’s this mania that has finally driven me nuts.

Yes I fully expect when I turn on a cable news channel that I will have to hear all about Senator Barack Obama. I’m aware that I will have to see news articles on him when I open up my daily newspaper. But where this has gone to far is when I can’t even watch poker without having to hear about Obama. Maybe this is some new type of campaign strategy. Maybe a message should have been placed on the two episodes he was mention in. Something along the lines of – paid for by Citizens to elect Barack Obama.

I can thank poker legend Doyle Brunson for starting this mess. In a recent episode of NBC’s Poker After Dark he was the first to bring Barack Obama up. A quick side note – I think no one thought Illinois existed until Obama Mania started. After Doyle mentioned the Senator a lively conversation started amongst the players for that episode. I’ll provide a quick run down of what took place. Jennifer Harman thinks Obama is great. Erik Seidel thinks Barack Obama is an atheist. And Antonio Esfandiari came up with the lame yet classic comment that almost everyone has heard or said at least once. Esfandiari  thinks Obama sounds a lot like Osama.

Give me a break folks. I can’t even watch poker without having to hear about this guy? That is just taking all this Obama Mania just a bit to far. But my aggravation isn’t over yet. I swear someone had to pay this show to plug the Senator. Because it happens again the other night. Same show different episode. Gus Hansen gets the blame this time around. Him and Phil Hellmuth have a conversation about Senator Obama. I can’t remember what was said amongst the players that evening in regards to the subject. It would have been smart for me to write it down when it was fresh in my mind.

Needless to say I don’t think all this hype is going to die down anytime soon. It’s going to be a long ear bleeding road till the 2008 election. I don’t think Obama is planning on being friendly to the online media or community. At least former Senator John Edwards has tried to set aside time for the online community at his various stops. His embracing of bloggers actually has caused him a bit of recent trouble. That is another article for another time. The point being I highly doubt anyone on the Obama Campaign will be brilliant enough to hand out press passes to online media. I could be wrong. Maybe one of the more “traditional writers” who are online as well will get some consideration. If I would have thought about it I could have tried to get access though a round about way. I’d tend to bet that wouldn’t have worked though.

Honestly I think I would just find tomorrows events nothing more than typical boring campaign PR. If possible it would have been smart of the campaign to keep Senator Obama in Springfield for just a night. Lets not even mention how it is completely stupid to have this event outside in this weather. The only reason they are doing this is to meet the historical significance of the event. Heck at the very least move the speech inside the Old State Capital. People shouldn’t have to freeze to death all in the name of making a historical statement. Which I’m not sure is all that valid to begin with. I say let the people be warm. They will hear the message being give better if they aren’t worried about finding the nearest heater.

CNN is already in Springfield, IL. They royally screwed up a backdrop graphic this afternoon. They had a map up next to the reporter. The map had a flashing icon that was on the east coast and had a label of Springfield, Massachusetts. Someone figured out the goof and went full screen to the reporter. The caption by her up in the top left had the proper city and state listed. It would seem CNN has been making a lot of goofs like this lately.  

Some local bloggers are planning on attending this event. I prefer to use the term online writers for various reasons. Either way some of these people may be in the crowd and will be offering up coverage on their sites tomorrow.

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CNN has a bad habit of killing their online videos. Perfect example that shows they just don’t get it. They say all the right things and try and act like they get it. But they don’t. Just like many newspapers do the same thing. It’s sad. Either way the link below is to video content that is live at the time of this posting.

CNN’s Candy Crowley has the 411 from Springfield, Illinois on Sen. Obama’s big announcement. Politics 411: Obama announcement

This show Candy Crowley outside of the Old State Capital in Springfield, IL. She has been reporting from there since 6 AM Central Time. This is the reporter I mentioned above.

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It is confirmed. George Clooney and Matt Damon are in Springfield at this very moment.

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