Will Barack Obama ignore local bloggers

I’m not going to do a long song and dance on this one. My thought is this Presidential hopeful will in fact ignore almost all of us in the local online community. Even those of us who have been in the same room with his competition.

You have to love it when they use all the proper buzzwords though.

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Barack Obama getting all Web 2.0 on us  CNET News

Looks as if I was right so far. Not one quote or mention of any Springfield, Illinois area bloggers. Yet the site mentions a college kid name Nathan from Normal, Illinois and a person by the name of William from Maryland. Not a good way to start things off if you ask me. This man is getting tons of coverage from local bloggers. Yet his campaign staff are obviously unwilling to let that voice be represented on their site. Beyond lame. Remember what I just said about title pages for websites this morning. Looks like Obama and a few others should start hiring better webamsters.

Barack Obama Blog

The website has been updated and has a new look.

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