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I’m always interested in finding these vehicles in the “wild”. It gives me hope to see car buyers leading by example with their purchasing dollars. Many electric cars are now being manufactured in the United States. Those factories are creating American jobs. Even though what powers these vehicles isn’t always the cleanest energy source. It is produced in the USA by American workers. Hopefully some day soon electric cars will become like the Toyota Prius – so many on the road that they are what is normal. Not just a glimpse of what could be or could have been. If we reach that point I could then give up my EV “stalking”.

Thankfully so far – electric car owners have been cool about their rides being recorded. Some even going the extra step and taking time to chat. Unfortunately neither local EV owner seemed to be aware of this site or my long time preaching about electric cars needing manufactured. Slightly aggravating from an ego and wanting to help others learn about this technology standpoint. Also rather odd considering I do well in search engines for common terms related to the subject.

I didn’t make mention of this site. But I did mention that I’d gone to a large EV event in Normal IL a few months ago. I also asked if he had gone to the Illinois State Fair and seen the 2 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs, the Ameren Volt and a A123 Hymotion Toyota Prius that were on display – he stated he had not.

The timing of all this is interesting – the day before I had just received a marketing promotion from Nissan in regards to the LEAF. This promotional material was promoting a new 10 day rental program for LEAF owners. The “Go the Distance” no-charge rental car program allows Nissan LEAF owners to rent a gasoline powered car for up to 10 days free of charge. For times when you might need more range than the LEAF currently offers. Of course there are some disclaimers with this offer. You must sign up for a Nissan One to One Rewards membership. Ten rental credits are give at the time of your LEAF purchase.

The only other local Nissan LEAF owner I’m aware of is a member of the Illuminati Motor Works team. Unfortunately the Toronto Road Nissan LEAF video didn’t pickup the full color of that car. The red has a really cool orange tint to it. Didn’t come through visually in the video.

Owner of this Nissan LEAF called it a laptop on wheels.

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Always found this topic rather offensive and slightly misleading. But I wonder how some of the commenters feel about this now with recent Nissan LEAF heat related issues being reported by some owners in Southern States in the USA? While I’m a very big fan of the LEAF – I’d take a Tesla Model S – especially the Performance Model over a Nissan LEAF any day of the week.

Be glad you are getting a leaf and not a Tesla!

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This patent is now owned by BASF. Hopefully that large conglomerate will see value in offering this technology to electric car manufacturers.

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