Will the homeless be the first to see Barack Obama today

With all the controversy over the homeless population in Springfield. I got to wondering if the City of Springfield has done what many other cities have done before big events like this. Has the city “cleaned” the streets of the “undesirables” so they won't be first in line this morning? Have the yes we see it but lets ignore it population been cleansed from the downtown streets? Or will they actually be allowed to have some rights and be part of the process? To me it seems as if this group of people would be best suited for getting into the door first. They have had to adapt to fierce weather conditions to survive. Most of this population will be in close walking distance to the Old State Capital. So will these people be camping out as we speak and be first in line today? Will these people force the nation and a future Presidential hopeful to have to recognize that they exist? And that like many others who have been ignored they need the help of people in power. I'd tend to bet we won't be seeing this group first through the door. I'm sure CNN and others will go out of their way to ignore them. Because I sure didn't see any homeless people walking behind Candy Crowley  at 6 AM yesterday morning. Which is a bit odd considering the part of town she was in. Either way I'd tend to bet you won't see any independent online writers with press credentials at this event. Wanna show me a campaign with guts? Give a couple homeless people press passes, a laptop and a blog account. Let them report events as they see them.

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