Rule number 1 – create proper titles for your website

This is something that has annoyed me since day one of being on the internet. Blogware never fully helped me resolve an issue I had with this. And I've not taken the time to hunt within the CSS to make things the way they used to be before an update they did. Although things are in the proper format I prefer them in now ( but not perfect ). I can show you many examples of popular sites and even one or two sites I linked to yesterday that don't have proper titles. If your to lazy to use a service that allows for proper titling of webpages. Then honestly I don't feel you should have a website. Let alone be taken seriously by the masses. How hard is it to put the title of the article first then the name of the website last? It's very basic common sense. Let us not even get into how many sites don't even have titles. I've seen one popular Springfield restaurant's website that was professionally done by a well known Bill Gates approved company. Guess what? At least two pages on the website had no titles!! At least some of the more popular sites on the web have finally gotten a clue. One of my favorites though still has their brain firmly planted in their backsides when it comes to this issue.

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