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Let me get this straight so maybe you’ll understand things better. It is not time for me to learn jack shit. What it is time for is developers to actually provide products that in fact will work effectively right out the box. One should not have to explore every damn WordPress plugin just to get an effective website. There are some basics that are not included within this format. That said – this is not just a WordPress issue. I’ve found it extremely funny how certain types of geeks feel it is completely logical to have to stick your head up a cow’s ass to do basic things. I shouldn’t have to know code to have proper titling here. I shouldn’t have to do the same to get proper text formatting. Let’s not even cover the fact that an end user shouldn’t have to figure out why a format will display an excerpt properly in one area but not the other. It is in fact completely logical to expect that when you fill out a friggin excerpt area that the stupid product being used will in fact use that excerpt for the front page and the RSS feed alike.

It is very interesting that many people who would give me crap about my opinion can’t do so after they speak to me in person. Why? Because they understand that my viewpoint does in fact have a valid point. No one should have to go out and read a PHP book or anything else to just have simple features that work out of the box. That is some old school hard ass geeks idea of how the online world should be. It is a very antiquated way of thinking.

If you think user friendly is going and hunting down a ton of plugins to get your site running properly. Then you have a few screws loose. Certain basics should work without having any need for a plugin. To me it is interesting how someone would be critical and try and insult me versus try to lend a hand. Any moron without an attitude could clearly see I grasp the basics. I’ve always found it funny how many geeks have the attitude that they came out their mother’s womb knowing everything. They act as if they never had to ask for help or that no one ever gave them guidance. These are the same people who treat others like shit if they don’t know as much as them. The same exact assholes who insult end users by calling them names. Many of these same individuals are the reason end users won’t see an ease of use experience.

To me it is funny how those that talk the most shit never seem to put up. They either tell you to go do it yourself instead of proving how uber elite they are by actually coding it themselves. Or these people tend to hire others to do the job for them. Easy thing to do when you have a ton of money at your disposal.

Anyone who has known me online or off for any number of years knows one thing. I am the type of person who is willing to help others as long as I’m treated right. I’ve spent much of my time over the years trying to solve issues for end users in various forums. When I find solutions to problems I’ve encountered I try to make sure they get posted here. What I don’t do is give these people attitude and tell them to go figure it out for themselves. Unlike many well known and successful geeks I’ve never looked down upon someone because they asked a question or didn’t know something.

On that note I’ll say this. Maybe if others would seriously look at others opinions instead of just writing things off because they don’t agree because of their self righteous beliefs. These people might in fact find that what is being stated needs to be looked at. I’ve said it many times. Geeks and those that work in IT have a very narrow minded viewpoint. This is why many products and services don’t offer an ease of use and functionality experience.

I shouldn’t have to go read or learn just to get a fucking proper title on this website or on a Blogware hosted site. I shouldn’t have to go read or learn just to get a damn excerpt that works as it should. And while we are at it I shouldn’t have to take shit from others because I would like a bit of help and guidance without having to spend hours hunting down what I need. If you think I should have to go read just so I get a friggin proper thumbnail and structure – it’s not me who needs to change or explore my educational boundaries. It’s really time for geeks to stop treating others like assholes just because they have a know it all complex. You didn’t come out your mother’s womb knowing it all. And PHP expert or whatever you might be. I’d tend to bet there is a ton of shit you know nothing about and would need to ask for help in regards to. Remember karma is a real bitch. If you treat people like shit for no good reason – the world has a way of biting you hard in your ass.

Shit jumping around like a flea on crack is real innovative. Oh let us all praise all that is WordPress = NOT!! Simple basics are all I’m asking for. Instead let us all bury our ass in code. Funny how those who code are suppose to be the ones who bring innovation and ease of use to the world. Yet rarely do.

I’d better go open Microsoft Word now to get this spellchecked in less than an hour and to get the font I want without having to go play with template code.

By the way even Blogware had an area where you could change the font of your text. I can’t seem to find that in the WordPress editor. That must need a plugin as well. Now for the record the Blogware editor never properly displayed the font change without having to go in and edit the CSS. Which is also completely stupid.

For the record if I am such an uneducated idiot. It is interesting how I was able to resolve my own blunder the other morning by editing a bit of PHP. Granted I shouldn’t have to do this to resolve my mistake. But none the less with some time and looking around I was able to figure it out. If someone had got their head out of everything must be code for end users mode. I wouldn’t have had to waste so much time resolving my simple yet major blunder.

Guess I’m a moron as well for being the only person on the planet who seems to be able to get Microsoft Vista to run smoothly on multiple machines. That is right though – I’m just an uneducated geek who needs trashed and treated like shit because I’m not code happy. Go play with your BBS and DOS and be happy. It’s those of you who refuse to get your head out of the past and offer better choices to end users who should be treated like utter crap. Not those of us who expect more from what we use.

Next time someone wants to put some wise ass comment here – at least have the balls to say it to my face.

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