Free Six Flags St. Louis Tickets

That is right I’m giving away two free Six Flags St. Louis tickets. There is only a slight catch. One you have to find where the tickets are located. And two unfortunately they have to be used by next weekend. I just came into possession of the tickets today from someone who could not put them to use. I’m not really in the mood to do Six Flags at this time. So I decided to do a quick scavenger hunt. The free Six Flags St. Louis tickets are located in a local Springfield Illinois park. This location has been featured on this site in the past. If you can find the statue in the park then the water fountain. You will in fact find the Six Flags St. Louis tickets. The water fountain has been moved from its old location around the corner. Water from this fountain years ago always tasted horrible. If you find the statue you will see that it is a part of Springfield history.

 This evening many young adults were taking homecoming pictures in the dark around this area. I’m sure they were completely unaware of what we were up to when we pulled in. Unfortunately the picture that was taken in this location previously is not live on this site at this time do to the move. That makes it hard for me to locate the related article. When using the search a few moments ago to find the location mentioned on this site it took me a bit to get the proper heading. For anyone reading this who may have known me for a long time. The location is somewhere I have spent many hours in the past.

Best of luck to anyone who seeks out this treasure. Hopefully it will be found in time for it to be put to use. I wish I would have gotten the tickets at an earlier date. So as to not make this a last minute thing for someone. The tickets are double zip locked and are stuck in place but very much out in the open and easy to find. If you’re in the right location. You might even hear bells ringing when you come to this destination.

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