Cheryl meets Guy Fieri today at Charlie Parker’s diner

I’m still very emotional over what happened Monday. I’ll get into that a bit more later. On Tuesday this week I did force myself to go to lunch with Cheryl. We had hoped to meet Guy Fieri at Charlie Parker’s diner that day. Unfortunately he was sick and had to put off the taping. Today was the alternate day for that taping. If I hadn’t overheard an employee of the restaurant talking about this I wouldn’t have been aware of this. The plan today was for me to head to Charlie Parker’s. However this morning I was too exhausted to even consider driving. My sleep schedule is way out of sync and emotionally I’m not in the best of shape at the moment. So the plan had been altered so that Cheryl would pick me up for lunch and I would go to the diner taping then. When Cheryl called I just didn’t have the energy to get up. So I told her to go for me and try to meet Guy Fieri. This is exactly what she did. Cheryl was able to have a quick conversation with Guy at the counter of Charlie Parker’s.

She did get to ask him about why he hadn’t gone to Beth’s Cafe when the show was taping in Seattle. His memory seems to be very short though. He had totally forgotten where the Big Star Diner was at. We didn’t know he had also gone to Voula’s Offshore Cafe in Seattle until we had gotten home and saw that episode. I find it interesting that no one on his staff would have made mention of Beth’s Cafe. This restaurant is world famous for its twelve egg omelettes.

So unfortunately I didn’t get to find out if anyone had guided Guy Fieri to Cozy Dog. This is where the corn dog was said to be invented. Let’s not forget about Krekel’s. If Guy didn’t have a Krekel burger while he was here he missed out. Several people had mentioned that he should stop by Darcy’s Pint for a horseshoe. Some comments on the State Journal Register site called this idea completely stupid. Considering the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives doesn’t really fit the type of restaurant that Darcy’s is. That said shouldn’t someone who loves food, cooks it and talks about it explore all the local options when they visit? No one seemed to mention that Guy Fieri should be visiting the many chili parlors this area is famous for. It seems as if everyone else forgot to mention that there are many highend restaurants in Springfield, Illinois that might get Guy’s taste buds going. Oh I know if it isn’t the big city nothing can compare right? I have a feeling this isn’t always true. Either way this Food Network host in my opinion could spend days in this area and get many wonderful episodes from doing so. It is unfortunate that the original Tuesday taping date fell through due to illness. Especially considering I had to force myself to head to Charlie Parker’s diner on that day. This was extremely hard for me after the tragedy that occurred on Monday this week. The only positive for me out of all this is that Cheryl at least got to meet Guy Fieri on her lunch hour today. Maybe he would have spent more time speaking with her if he had known the conversation would be written about online.

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