WordPress 2.3 doesn’t resolve my issues

I’m still scratching my head as to why I can’t do basic things with WordPress. From my reading I was hoping that WordPress 2.3 would resolve some of my issues. Unfortunately with a quick glance at the situation it doesn’t look as if that will be the case. Part of the reason I haven’t been posting is due to being frustrated with the look and feel of the site currently. I’ve played around with things. I have looked at many different WordPress templates and widgets in hopes that I might come across some that would help me resolve my aggravations. While WordPress has some positives over Blogware. There are many negatives from my standpoint. If all you’re wanting to do is text and you have no problem accepting a default template then WordPress should work for you easily. However if your wanting to customize things a bit or expecting ease of use right out the box for basic things. You will in fact be in for a headache. I’m not the only one who has expressed frustration with the product.What seems to be the case is that these people are written off as just not being smart enough to use the service. Shouldn’t the product be designed so that you don’t need to learn code or going hunting for plugins just to get what many would consider basic features to work smoothly? I’m still not finding the help or answers I need to get my problems resolved. It’s not for lack of trying trust me.

Keep in mind that my WordPress update went smoothly from what I can see. I thought GoDaddy had things setup so that this would be an automatic update to my server. It seems I was mistaken in that regard. I did a manual update of WordPress using FlashFXP. Over the next few days I’ll have to explore this latest WordPress version. But from what I’m seeing right now the things that have me most frustrated will still be doing so with this 2.3 build. One of these days I will have to take the time to get the permalinks functioning somewhat smoothly. I had thought there was going to be a way to automatically clean these up with the new WordPress 2.3. From what I’m seeing now I must have been mistaken when I read this in an article.

To me it shouldn’t be hard to design things the way Blogware has them. Actually I want things that Blogware never offered as well. I should be able to control how my RSS feed works without having to go find a plugin. It should be easy to set your font text size for all articles without working in code. The same should be able to be done in regards to setting thumbnail size for photos. When working in the code part of the WordPress posting area I shouldn’t have the formatting under visual change when I switch back from the code area. When using Blogware I had many issues. But never did my visual change the layout when switching back and forth from visual to code and back. The previous WordPress version had this issue. I haven’t tested this latest build in that regard yet. And yes the flea jumping issue still exists within the text editor. Did I mention that the WordPress default spellchecker is still very slow making it completely useless?


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