RSS Feed dead after upgrading to WordPress 2.3

I may not be the only one seeing this issue from a quick read of the forums. I thought maybe the issue might be with my .htaccess file. So I made sure to replace that with the backed up copy. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to have resolved the problem. Seems that I’ll have to play around with things because tags are now broke as well. People really find WordPress easier to use? To me something that breaks this easily isn’t exactly a user friendly product. I shouldn’t have to spend time hunting down technical problems. What I should be doing if the product worked smoothly is posting articles and photos. This is one of the main reasons I finally decided to leave Blogware. No one was listening, no one was resolving problems and the product wasn’t evolving. At this point however I’m regretting my decision in many ways. It is clear WordPress has it’s own set of issues. For the record this isn’t the first time I have had to play find my RSS feed with WordPress. At this time however I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it back live and working.

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WordPress 2.3 doesn’t resolve my issues