Pissed off senior goes postal at local Comcast office

It won’t make a bit of difference in the end. This woman will end up having a ton of legal problems and cost do to this. It also won’t get the attention of this mega corporation to improve the service they provide. But in all honesty this women although in the wrong did exactly what many of us have wanted to do before in regards to horrible customer service. 75-year-old Mona Shaw will be lucky if she doesn’t have to do jail time for this incident. I’d tend to bet that Comcast will no longer wish to provide her with television, internet and phone service. The article states she is going back to Verizon.

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75-Year-Old Woman Takes Hammer to Comcast Office – ‘What the hell, I’m 75!’ says woman

Customer Service Sick Of Waiting For An Install, 75-Year-Old Woman Smashes Up Comcast Office With Hammer

Taking a hammer to Comcast InsideNova