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Yesterday we took a trip to Antique Archaeology in LeClaire Iowa. We hadn’t ventured that way in awhile and while we were in the area decided to stop in. Things have definitely changed a lot since our last visit. The home of the American Pickers now has Sunday hours. A good amount of fans were visiting this past Sunday.

This was the first time we visited and saw the store really busy. Definitely a completely different vibe compared to previous visits. The LeClaire Iowa store seems more like a tourist attraction now. I guess that is to be expected with the popularity of the American Pickers show.

My girlfriend mentioned that she felt the items in the store are now geared more towards fans / tourist than it had been in the past. I guess you can’t fault anyone for wanting fans to be able to have a keepsake of their visit.

The Ford Fairlane is still hanging around. You can see the micro car that was featured on an episode this year. There was the usual amount of interesting signs and other items. By the garage door an Indian motorcycle was on display.

American Pickers

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One of the biggest changes since our last visit is more parking.

Here is what the Antique Archaeology American Pickers parking lot used to be

The photo clearly shows there used to be a house in what is now a parking area. On one of our visits there were children’s toys in the front yard. Not sure who owned the home. Maybe one of the American Pickers owned the property. That photo shows how much things can change in less than a year.

Antique Archaeology better known as American Pickers LeClaire Iowa

American Pickers Ford Fairlane

American Pickers Volkswagen Type 2 Light Truck revisited

King Edward Cigars sign American Pickers

American Pickers Memorial Day 2011

American Pickers Volkswagen Type 2 Light Truck parked at Antique Archaeology

American Pickers fans visiting Antique Archaeology in LeClaire Iowa

Cloud 9 Paragliding instructor truck parked in LeClaire Iowa

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