Debugging WordPress that proves my point

To start off with this is not a personal attack by any means. But let me be clear about one thing an article title containing the word debug proves exactly what I’ve been saying all along. For those who have read this site for more than a couple of weeks. You will know that my current aggravations with WordPress aren’t just about that product. My frustration is with the whole development community at large. This whole mentality of if you don’t code or don’t understand something then your just a noob idiot who doesn’t get it – well that is just pure bullshit – this is me being uncensored yet again. Unfortunately this attitude is very prevalent amongst geeks. The know it all mentality. What is always interesting to me is that the people who supposedly have all this knowledge are the first people to name call and not lend a hand to others. These are the same people who claim they weren’t treated nicely by others in school etc. Yet they learned nothing from that experience except to do exactly the same to others when they became successful. With that said it is blatantly obvious that no one who has read some recent articles here gets what is being stated.

I don’t care who you are. I’d be more than willing to prove my point in person. As I’ve said in the past. The few people that actually take the time to listen to me in person. Normally walk away with a better understand of why I think the way I do. A good portion of these people actually walk away agreeing in part or fully with my thought process. I don’t care how many times someone wants to sing the praises of WordPress. The fact is there are many faults with the product in regards to basic ease of use and functionality right out the box. Even after playing the plug-in hunting game there are still many basics that don’t get covered smoothly. Yes there are things I can accomplish with WordPress that I couldn’t with the Blogware platform. However WordPress could in fact learn a thing or two from Blogware in some regards. Many might state that a platform like Blogware is noob friendly. These are the people that have that lame geek mentality that needs a baseball bat taken to those who continue to spout off like this. It’s that I’m better than you, more successful than you, young dumb and full of cum, gamer mentality that has become prevalent on the internet. Granted developers and programmers have had this attitude years before the internet became what it is today.

So you think the WordPress platform is great when it hides basic features? It’s great when it doesn’t include a basic photo posting function? Yes you can find a lame hidden photo posting feature within the default install. However this in itself does not offer an ease of use experience. WordPress is so awesome it doesn’t even allow for auto RSS discover by default like other blogging platforms. No folks you have to go hunt for a plug-in for that basic functionality that should be a part of any website nowadays. The Add RSS plug-in I tried using for that feature doesn’t seem to work in IE 7. Don’t even start with that Firefox BS in the comments here either. All you Firefox users sing praises like a cult. Funny how your not sticking it to Microsoft considering the fact that the Firefox development team visits the Redmond campus now and then. Firefox also suffers from one of the major weakness of WordPress. The fact that plug-ins will on occasion break when a newer version of the product is released. In some cases the plug-in will stop working and not get updated by the developer. So then your stuck finding an alternative. When this comes to your website you shouldn’t have to worry about something breaking do to an update. Then again Blogware users have always had to worry about that problem as well. Every time Blogware supposedly put in a fix you would have things break, your website wouldn’t work or you would have a hard time accessing your Blogware Dashboard.

Lets cover the visual text editor in WordPress. Oh I know I’ve seen the article. Only noobs who aren’t serious use the visual editor according to one supposed blogging pro. Where I’m typing now has no select all option in the right click menu. It has copy and paste. Well shouldn’t you make it easy for me to copy all of the text? Instead of having to select and highlight what I want to copy. Why would I want this feature? Easy answer!! Blogging platforms are known to time out and take your work with them. I copy everything before doing a save or publish. The other area this comes in handy is when you wish to move paragraphs around within your content. Now lets cover the excerpt issue. Yes I have a plug-in that gives me the more command that will in fact let me create an excerpt. However the way this is designed I can’t place an ad within the frontpage excerpt without changing the article layout. Which is something I could easily do with Blogware. These text ads have always converted to clicks fairly well for me. So this is something I would still prefer to have. To me it makes no sense to have an optional excerpt area below. Blogware auto generated an excerpt and you could manually edit that easily within the excerpt area. With WordPress this is a no go. The optional excerpt feature only controls what you will see within the RSS feed. Any data you include within this area is not posted for your main page excerpt. Completely illogical.

Now lets cover some more basics. I’ve said this time and again. I have no clue why the default WordPress spellcheck is so slow. It’s not my machine I can tell you that. Yes I could install IESpell then activate that as my spellchecker using a WordPress plug-in. But why should I have to do this? Shouldn’t the default option work well and smoothly out of the box? Why should I have to install another piece of software just to get a working spellcheck within WordPress? Lets cover the visual text editor formatting. For some reason it refuses to keep proper spacing within the editor. Granted the spacing will be present when you publish the content. But the average person isn’t going to know this. They will be expecting a what you see is what you get ( WYSIWYG ) experience. I guess having an editing area where things jump like a flea up and down when you copy and paste or try to insert a link into text is a sign of a great blogging tool as well.

The list of things like this are many. However I’m either going to have to bang my head against a wall finding fixes or just have to live with the problems. Do to the fact that the WordPress forum is full of developer geeks with the attitude that end users are just a bunch of asshole idiots who should be shot. Not to mention the fact that a few people who are friendly with me that could help and will have a beer with me once or twice a year have basically ignored my plea for help. One person did offer some basic advice when I asked during the original portion of this move. However now they haven’t come to save the day or offer any worthwhile advice since then. What it comes down to is this. I can’t do what I want to do and post what I want to post do to technical hurdles I shouldn’t be facing. Time and time again we have developers that only listen to a small portion of the community they are supposedly creating a product for. Those you hear singing the praises of WordPress are most always code happy geeks or those that can afford to have someone set things up for them. The cult of WordPress however isn’t listening to the many others who have expressed frustration over not being able to do what they want. I’m not the only one who has expressed aggravation with WordPress. It is very obvious though that those voices aren’t being listened to. Interesting how all the uber geeks hyped the product but now are upset that everyone has given the product a spin. Honestly for all the praise I had seen of the product over the past few years I expected much more than what I’m seeing. This is why I had hesitated even moving to the WordPress platform to begin with. My previous test of this blogging tool left me feeling like I am now. But my hand was forced and I had to make a move. Personally I’m thinking I should have went with Moveable Type instead. I’m here on WordPress now though and will keeping fighting to get things the way I would like.

Blogware has been less than helpful in my request to have my content there moved to the old domain it was hosted on. This has made it impossible for me to access my photo content. Not that it matters. I’ve yet to find a plug-in that will give basic photo posting ability with WordPress. Blogware was so much easier to post a photo with. Granted there were some issues with their posting process. One being spellcheck had been broken when posting an article with your photo for months. Blogware had not fixed this the last time I checked. But at least you could easily add a photo that contained an article without having to find a plug-in or bang your head against a wall. Not possible with WordPress from what I can see at this time. And no I shouldn’t have to go host my photos on Flickr or some other site then get a plug-in to work with that content. I should be able to host the photos and easily post them from within my own site. Anyone with common sense would want this for multiple reasons. The photos should render faster if hosted within your own site. And you don’t have to worry about moving your content to a new service if one shuts down. To be honest I to this day still don’t see what all the hype about Flickr is.

As I said before. Technology should not be a have and have not situation. I’ve spent all my years online trying to help others solve problems. If someone needs help I have always been one to try and offer a hand. Not having the typical geek attitude of what an idiot noob they don’t get it. I personally feel that technology should be designed to enable the end user to do things easier and without aggravation. Technology is supposed to be empowering the user. Not expecting them to learn to be a coding geek. I could care less who wishes to say I’m wrong. But the majority of people who praise WordPress are coding geeks, those who can pay to have things designed for them or those who have something to gain by promoting the product. As much as this might not sit well with many people. My opinion is anyone who says this product is worthwhile right out the box has been smoking a bit of something they shouldn’t be.

Yes there are things I can do with WordPress I couldn’t do with Blogware. Yes I can see the supposed functionality argument. However in reality the functionality comes at a price of taking the time to seek out what you need and being able to implement that. I’m aware of who the WordPress product was originally designed to target. I’d argue that at this time the development might need to be taken in a bit of different direction to accommodate a wider range of those who are now putting this blogging tool to use.

What good is a technology that can’t be used by all those it should serve? For two days now I’ve wanted to write an article about a major event that has occurred within our community. Unfortunately I want to make that article based upon a photograph. Which at this time I can not post on my site in the way I would like to. What good is a tool I can’t use just because it’s designers wanted to have the typical arrogant geek attitude? A tool to produce content is useless if those who want to use it can’t. The fact remains I shouldn’t have to hunt for solutions or learn to code it myself. What should be is that the product has basic functions that work smoothly right out of the box. I don’t care who tries to tell you any different. WordPress is not a product that will fit that type of need.

The point with my title was this. You shouldn’t have to debug anything. This should have occurred in the development and beta testing phase of production. I shouldn’t have to do a ton of reading and hunting for functionality. All I’m wanting to do is easily post text without a bunch of hoops and bullshit. I’m also wanting this same functionality for posting photos with included articles. I’m not asking for major advanced functionality. What I am asking for is the basics to work right out of the box. Anyone who says they do isn’t telling you the truth. It’s that plain and that simple.

Rant mode off for a moment. One odd positive of the WordPress move seems to be better click ratios on the text ads. Which is odd considering I’m doing nothing different from what I did when this site was hosted with Blogware. Maybe someone is playing games with a bot or something. Because the high number of clicks hasn’t turned into sales. Which is unfortunate for many reasons. Basically I could use the money right now. Either way thanks to those of you who do take a look at the advertised offerings on this site. The few of you who do buy things from time to time are much appreciated whether you realize it or not.

Then again a few others over the years have screwed me in this regard. But that is another rant for another day.

A couple of quick additions. The more command for excerpts gives a different URL when you click on it to continue reading the article. Why can’t it just give the same permalink URL you would get if you clicked on the article title? This seems completely stupid not to have things set this way. Guess everyone thinks it is really user friendly and way smart to not allow for basic selecting and copying of text within widgets. The list of things like this goes on and on. These are basic usability issues that supposedly really smart people just don’t see as problems. I just don’t understand this. Although it’s not the first product or time I’m seeing something like this.

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