WordPress plugins are just a bunch of teases

I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress plugins are just a bunch of teases. Of it’s true they have some of the best descriptions you can find in many cases. Yes the plugin description will make you think you have found a solution that will solve your problem and give you the functionality you need and want. However in the end you’ll end up angry and frustrated. Why? Because either the plugin doesn’t match the hype, can’t do what it states without major coding help or it’s not compatible with your setup.

The wonderful world of WordPress has many developers and many plugins. Yet in the end finding ones that will work and give you an ease of use experience is an exercise in futility. Some say simple is noob. I think simple is the true mark of someone who gets it and knows how to code. Open Source isn’t exactly great if you can’t put the products designed using it to use. Technology wasn’t supposed to be some closed clique. What technology is supposed to do is make doing a task easier and more enjoyable. Technology is supposed to be about enhancing ones life not adding more frustration. It is really to sad that the majority of developers paid or not haven’t learned this basic lesson.

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