A good way to get killed by Amtrak Texas Eagle

On Saturday while recording video at the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival in Springfield IL – I heard what I thought was an Amtrak train coming into the station. So I headed a block and a half over to see if I was correct. When I got to the location I saw Amtrak’s Texas Eagle.

I started recording the train and passengers de-boarding and boarding. Towards the end of the video you’ll see a group of four people walking in my direction. They decided they were going to cross the tracks right in front of the train engine. Two men made it across right before the engineer gives the horn signal that the train is about to leave the station.

This alert scares the remaining two people – both who jump back away from the train. One of them has the good sense to get behind the guardrail before the train starts heading southbound.

I’d assume that the engineer running the train has very limited line of sight when someone is that close to the train. These people instead of walking just an extra half a block to the crossing put their lives at stake. When you cross the tracks that close to the train I highly doubt you can be seen. It would be very easy for a serious accident to occur. A really good way to ruin what was mostly likely a great day spent looking at cars.

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