House fire at Flaggland Park Sherman IL

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Earlier on I-72 we could see a major amount of smoke in the distance. Cheryl pointed this out to me and at first I couldn’t see it. We headed home to do some things then headed back out to see if we could locate the source of the heavy smoke. We lost sight of it as we head down Route 4 / Veterans Parkway North. From here we headed towards the Abraham Lincoln Springfield Airport on Route 29. At Bud’s Corner convenience store we turned right onto Andrew Road and headed towards Sherman. It was at this point that I kept telling Cheryl I heard sirens in the distance. She didn’t hear them until we had completed the turn and were a little bit down the road. This is when I had her pull complete off to the right side of the road. We were still almost hit by the Sangamon County Rescue Unit. Further down the road we started to smell smoke and then could see the area it was coming from. Years ago Cheryl had a relative that lived in this same subdivision the smoke was coming from.

When we came to a road block right before the Sherman fire station we made a right turn. After navigating our way around for a few minutes we were able to see the area where the fire was taking place. These roads of course were blocked off as well. People in the surrounding area were trying to figure out what was happening and others were being interviewed by police to determine what had taken place. What was most interesting in our journey around the affected area. Is that some people were going on with life like nothing happened. Some people were playing in the nearby park. Others were just sitting on their outside furniture enjoying the weather. I guess these people just don’t care when something of this magnitude affects their neighborhood. Let us not even get into the fact that these same people may have had cause to evacuate the area for safety reasons.

This photo was taken in an area that seemed to be behind the location of the fire. Local ABC News Channel 20 ( WICS ) is currently reporting that one firefighter has been injured and sent to the hospital. Cheryl and I saw this person being taken to the hospital. The ambulance had to in fact navigate through another major incident that is taking place at the bridge that is over the Sangamon River by RiverSide Park. From what I have been able to find out so far. There was an explosion at one home in the Flaggland Park subdivision. The fire then spread to a house next door.

The only reporters that we could see on the scene were television news crews. I only took photos while driving by the scene. At no time did I get out and take photographs of what was taking place.

From what little I saw on the news when we got home. It’s not looking good for anyone who may have been in the home. Hopefully know one was home at the time of the reported explosion.

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Explosion levels house – Nobody hurt, but neighbor’s home damaged Sherman IL State Journal Register 

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