Sangamon River RiverSide Park bridge emergency

Sangamon River RiverSide Park bridge emergency

I’m not sure what was taking place here. My guess was that there had been another climbing accident. I think this is the area that has been seeing a lot of accidents with people climbing along the river walls. We were¬†heading home from the fire in Sherman when we came across this. The location is on the bridge that crosses the Sangamon River before the entrance to RiverSide Park. A little bit before this is where I had Cheryl pull over to the right side of the road. The pictures I took from inside the car or with the camera hanging outside the window. I didn’t get out to get any up-close shots. The photo above was taken quickly just before we fully passed the emergency vehicles on the scene. When we were parked on the side of the road is when we saw the ambulance speed past. Later when watching the news we figured this had to be the injured firefighter being taken to the hospital.

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