Ringer Lawn Restore Organic Lawn Fertilizer 0% Phosphate

Our lawn survived and looked decent for most of the Summer compared to a good portion of our neighbors. It wasn’t until the end of the last Month of Summer that we started to see the lawn finally give into the stress of massive heat and no rain. I attribute that durability to using Ringer Lawn Restore Organic Lawn Fertilizer 0% Phosphate for several years now. I’ve seen this product do wonders in regards to repairing a Sun damaged lawn.

This week is probably the last week to get down a Fall fertilizer treatment. Unfortunately we haven’t had the extra cash to get an application of Ringer Lawn Restore onto our yard. Even though we haven’t done so since the middle of Summer – the lawn has come back with lush green growth. I’ve had to mow many more times than the neighbors because the lawn recovered so quickly.

We do have a few patches that could need seeding next Spring. I’ll have to analyze that further in the next week. Recent rains could improve that situation. If we get another warm Fall – we might be mowing very late into the year.

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