Liz Lovely Vegan Cookies Seen on Shark Tank

Anyone who watched last weeks episode of Shark Tank should recognize the cookie packages above. These Liz Lovely Vegan Cookies were purchased at Food Fantasies in Springfield, IL. I guess my girlfriend decided to see if she could find the brand locally. I’ve eaten one Cowgirl and one Cowboy cookie. While not the most awesome cookies I’ve ever eaten – they are yummy enough I’d purchase them again. Food Fantasies makes some pretty good vegan baked goods from their in-store bakery.

I had trouble getting the packaging to smooth out in the video. You will also hear the local police over the air traffic – I forgot to turn the online scanner off.

I’m not sure why people continue to seek out funding the traditional way. Many websites online make it easy to try and attract investors. Kickstarter is probably the best known site. Many products and ideas have gotten off the ground using funds raised there. Granted sites like that don’t offer partnerships with successful business people. So I’d assume this is part of the attraction to seeking funds using traditional methods. When doing so on television it doesn’t hurt that your product has the potential to be viewed by millions of people at once.

Shark Tank is basically just a renamed version of Dragons’ Den. Not sure why they didn’t use that name here in the United States. I started watching the United Kingdom ( UK ) Dragons’ Den many years ago. I occasionally watch the Canadian version of that program.

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Liz Lovely Gluten Free & Vegan Cookies Shop

Food Fantasies Natural and Organic Food Serving Springfield, Illinois and Sangamon County

Liz Lovely Cookies (lizlovely) on Twitter

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