Fitz’s Rootbeer Delmar Loop St Louis

After having lunch at Ginger Bistro we headed down the block to Fitz’s Restaurant. The plan was to pickup a case of Fitz’s Rootbeer. Although we’ve made several visits to the Delmar Loop area in St. Louis – we have never taken the time to fully explore the neighborhood.

This was our first visit to Fitz’s. The video above is a combination of several. It starts outside showing a delivery truck, the restaurant logo and the building. We then head inside to have a look around.

We had been talking about stopping by Fitz’s a few times during our trip. What was funny is a couple of nights ago we see a guy heading back to his room at the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles carrying a case of Fitz’s.

I wasn’t trying to record the man in the clown suit. He offered to play the blues for me on his harmonica. As we chatted I declined his offer. I’m not big on giving money to strangers – because you never know how it might be spent. In this area of St. Louis I could see this guy being an artist / entertainer just trying to make money. The flipside of that is he could have just been a hustler. Either way as we left Fitz’s we dropped a bill into his hat. Unlike many others he was chilled, offered up articulate conversation and wasn’t pushy. He claimed to be a man out of work trying to make a buck.

I’m not seeing a bottle return option for Fitz’s. I’d prefer to bring the bottles back to the bottler in the same box – then having to put them in our recycle bin.

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