They are all just a bunch of dirty girls I tell you

I’d have to say that many people have made the comment that Halloween has gotten a bitĀ raunchier over the years. It’s not like this behavior is really all that new. However it may be a little bit more out in the open than in the past. Some would question how parents could allow their young adults to leave the house dressed in certain ways. Your more conservative neighbors might even be shocked by what shows up at their door saying trick or treat. All I can say is my experience did not match that of the majority. I saw nothing I considered revealing show up at my doorstep the other night. Guess my neighborhood has to many young kids and conservatives in it. My experience was nothing but fairly traditional costumes. With no young adultsĀ or of age women offering a trick with a treat. Granted I didn’t have many middle school or high schoolers show up at my door the other evening. But I must have not been in the right part of Chatham to see all the young semi naked people wandering around the other night. And darn it all the of age female adults escorting their children were dressed normally as well in my neighborhood. Guess I need to buy my own home in another part of town to find the wild stuff.

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Have you ever been Boo’d

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