The angry Ivar’s man has been found

Hostile Iver's man

I honestly thought we had deleted all these. Imagine my surprise when I’m looking over one of my Seattle picture DVD’s and find that in fact several photos of the Iver’s angry man still existed. In the process of looking for other photos I came across this. If you look at the sequence of photos you can see the man start towards me. However in the picture taken after this one he seems to be waving. Not an angry don’t take my picture wave. Keep in mind for all he knows I’m taking a picture of the world famous Ivar’s. While in most cases I fully respect when someone doesn’t want their photograph taken. I have previously explained why I didn’t feel I was out of line in this case. Now the world can put a face to the original story I posted. The day this was taken Cheryl and I had been hassled by several people on the streets of Seattle. I had personally witnessed at least one drug deal going down on the pier. Several people had sleeping bags and their belongings in the same area this deal took place. The next day none of these people seemed to be in the same part of the pier.

Personally I still don’t feel I was out of line for taking the photograph. Especially since someone was doing a newscast or documentary only several feet away from where I took this shot. Several times during our Seattle adventure I had taken pictures of events that were taking place and of many different people. The only time Cheryl and I were met with a violent reaction was from this man. Instead of being calm about the situation he became extremely hostile. If he had a story that needed to be shared he certainly wasn’t going to be telling me about it.

With all the supposed security in this area which is a big tourist destination. No one came to our aid even though this man definitely could have been someone who would pull a weapon and use it.

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