Let Leonard in the Seattle Aquarium

Let Leonard in the Seattle Aquarium

With a quick glance of the website I’m not seeing if Leonard ever won this battle. Actually I’m still not sure this wasn’t some slick marketing gimmick put on by the Seattle Aquarium. All I can tell you is that Cheryl and I were walking down Alaskan Way along all the tourist attractions the different piers have to offer you when we came across this group of people that looked like they were protesting. This of course got us curious as to what was going on. We were given a small pamphlet about the cause of Leonard the goldfish and the quest to be admitted to the Seattle Aquarium main tank. At the time I told those in the picture that they were the story. At least one other time I told someone this in Seattle. I will hold my word and post that photo with an article as well. I’d tend to bet these three just figured I was some crazy tourist. Little did they know I would do my best to make them internet famous.

If someone could send me one of those T-shirts in XXL I’d be pretty happy. Doesn’t look like you can buy one directly from the Let Leonard In website.

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