F.I.S.T. movie Chevy pickup truck

Last week I was invited to attend a celebration of a recent marriage. This party was a bit more elaborate than I was expecting. As we walked up I noticed this old Chevrolet pickup truck. At that time I wondered why it was at the party. I made the assumption that it must be owned by the bride or groom.

Later on it was explained to me that this vehicle was owned by a friends dad. I can’t confirm the story I was given. But supposedly this Chevy truck made an appearance in the movie F.I.S.T. That film is loosely based on the Teamsters Union & their famous leader Jimmy Hoffa.

The main character in the movie was played by Sylvester Stallone. From what I was told Stallone can be seen sitting on the tailgate of this truck in the film. If my memory is working that scene might take place while he waits outside of a factory for a young women he is interested in who is leaving work.

By the time I decided to get video of this truck it was dark and raining. So the quality suffered.

If you have cable television – F.I.S.T plays often during the day on various movie channels.

10/30/2012 Update

Recorded this movie onto the DVR. Only truck I see that is anywhere near close to this one is at the beginning of the film. The truck bed is not complete – it’s just wood and I’m not 100% sure it would be a match. Also Sylvester Stallone drives this truck several times – which does not match the story I was given.

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