Lincoln Illinois man claims to be running water gasoline car

Recently an old friend posted a article link on Facebook. The title states that a Lincoln Illinois man is claiming to have invented a water powered car. If that is what he told the WMBD 31 television news – he is mistaken. I can’t watched the video so I can’t comment on his claims. But a water gasoline powered car has been promoted, hyped and claimed by many others. A pure water powered car was supposedly produced many decades ago.

Many extraordinary claims have been made in regards to water powered cars. There are a lot of conspiracy theories in regards to what happens to those who produce and run these vehicles. Several companies previously claimed to have working prototypes and that they will start manufacturing them. There is a ton of hype then nothing ever comes of it.

There are plenty of websites offering water based products that claim to greatly improve your miles per gallon ( MPG ). MythBusters had an episode years ago that tested one such device with no positive results on fuel economy.

Even though no independently verified data ever gets shown to back up any of these claims. There are many people who state they are using the power of water to run their car or maximize gasoline usage.

You can easily find stories related to mysterious deaths that have occurred to those who promote water powered vehicles. Most consider these conspiracy theories. Of course those who talk about / write about these events state they are completely true.

Trying to separate facts from fiction is nearly impossible. As I wrote in 2008 sometimes what people think are crazy conspiracy theories – turn out to be close to the truth. Unfortunately we rarely find this out until decades after those making the statements have passed on.

Vehicles using batteries with electric engines and alternative biofuels have been proven to be a very viable alternative to gasoline. Yet many stubborn closed minded people still want to fight this – while complaining about gasoline cost and wars they see as taking place to support oil availability. Water powered car “advocates” are seeking the eternal nirvana of cheap and abundant fuel. It should be kept in mind that those water resources are slowly dwindling. So even if their solution works the water many not be there to run it at some point. Just like what we could see with oil.

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