Stilnovich’s Corner Produce Pike Place Market Seattle Washington

Stilnovich's Corner Produce Pike Place Market Seattle Washington

This photo was taken this year at Stilnovich’s Corner Produce Pike Place Market Seattle Washington. This is one of many produce vendors within the Pike Place Market in Seattle. You will find Stilnovich’s Corner Produce on the corner of course. Stilnovich’s is located right across from the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market and Rachel the Pig. This picture was taken after we were lured in by the person on the left. I do not know her name. Pike Place Market is always full of samples. The produce vendors always have samples sitting out or someone trying to draw you in for a taste. Cheryl told the person pictured on the left how I always hated the white peaches we get here in Illinois. This is a product that is supposedly widely sold by Pike Place Market produce vendors. From what I’ve seen the white peach is something of a much hyped product in this region. Either way after taking my sample taste I was hooked. To the point where we actually did make a small purchase. To bad I can’t find a website for Stilnovich’s Corner Produce. I’d gladly make an online purchase if they did shipping like the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market.

The photograph is one of many I took. I think I got a few with just our sales person alone. But then she called this man over to be in the picture. I would assume he is the proprietor of this large produce stand ( and maybe famous in his own right ). Honestly I don’t remember getting a background story. If I remember right in some of the later pictures he got a grouchy look on his face. The look to me was saying ok hurry it up already. I’m not sure if they were aware that one of these would end up on the internet. They both most likely just thought we were your average tourist. What I can say is that I would be more than willing to make another purchase at Stilnovich’s Corner Produce if we go back to Seattle again next year. Hopefully Gnomedex will still be held in Seattle and somewhere close to the Edgewater Hotel.

There aren’t to many Pike Place Market vendors that don’t have friendly written on their face. I think most everyone is aware that the sometimes annoying tourist are their bread and butter. It has been written that less and less locals are using Pike Place Market because it has become such a tourist attraction. Although many vendors within the market swear you call still make a living there when the tourist season dies down.

If your visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle why not stop by Stilnovich’s Corner Produce and let them know you saw them here on the internet. And of course be kind and make a purchase if your budget allows for it.

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It looks as if I may be right. The man pictured very well could be George Stilnovich. So that means Cheryl and I may have been lucky enough to see a long time Pike Place Market icon as he was saying goodbye this summer. Although looking at the picture in the PDF has me thinking this is not in fact the case.

George Stilnovich (center) may be selling the business, but its to two great local boys. Bob Klein (on the left) and Brian Bright (on the right), both with a lot of produce history. Before saying goodbye George’s wife Kay organized a photograph. A the historic stand with four generations of Stilnovich (there was even a fifth generation farmer from the family fields in Croatia and Italy). George plans to stick around through the summer to help things run smoothly. After a 50 year history with produce and the Market – 20 years at United Produce, many years on the farm tables and a couple stints running Corner Produce (1975-1984 and again recently) – it is hard to say goodbye.

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