Method All Purpose Cleaner Cucumber

I first heard about Method cleaning products at BlogHer 2009 in Chicago. Over the years I’ve used a variety of more “natural” household cleaners. Honestly with even the dirty brands jumping on the natural bandwagon it’s hard to know which company you can trust to be honest with their ingredients list. Consumers really need to try and do their homework before making purchasing decisions.

I’ve mostly used Seventh Generation cleaning products the past few years. In the past I have used Ecover and other brands. It looks like in September 2012 Ecover purchased Method.

I had never used Method – so I decided to give it a try. After a couple of uses – my only complaint is – it seems to streak glass. Even after a wipe down with water the glass I used Method All Purpose cleaner on looks like it has a bit of streaking residue leftover. On the back of the label it shows this product is approved for use on glass.

This Method product seemed to clean soap scum and other grime well. I’ve used it to clean our bathrooms and kitchen.

Not sure what happened but the video encoding towards the end flips out just a bit. Something went nuts with the conversion from .MTS to .WEBM Rarely have issues like that – but this time something got slightly funky. The loud noise is the dishwasher running next to me as I recorded.

The Method business card shown in the video belonged to Rachel Goldberg – Squire of Scoop.

Update 9/16/17 Haven’t used this brand of cleaner in years. I use Eco-Me and other natural methods.

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