City Water, Light and Power plant still standing after explosion

City Water, Light and Power still standing after explosion

Earlier this evening when we were out to eat the lights flickered at the restaurant we were in. I made a comment in regards to this and everyone else just seemed to ignore it. Later on in the evening a manager we know there asked us if we knew anything about an explosion taking place at the power plant. He then switched the television channel to a local station that had the news on. However they weren’t covering the story. Later we made a telephone call and found out that indeed City Water, Light and Power plant here in Springfield, IL in fact had an explosion take place earlier this evening. While heading home we listened to WNNS / WMAY for further details. All we learned was that the gas everyone was seeing was supposedly steam and nothing toxic. Reports stated that a coal fire was suspected. However one caller hotly debated that this conclusion could be drawn at this time. Saying you could no more state that this was a coal fire than you could say this was a terrorist event.

After heading home and dropping off a few things we decided to head out in the direction of CWLP. Knowing that the roads by I-55 and Stevenson Drive were most likely still blocked. Even though some reports stated otherwise. Our plan was to use East Lake Drive to maybe get close to the event and get some pictures. The only problem with this is that once you get past the Timberlane subdivision you will be met by a large truck with an arrow sign on the back. Authorities have this road and the lake bridge ( Spaulding Dam bridge ) that heads from and towards Stevenson drive blocked off. The closest access you will get is Tom Madonia Park. We settled on Tom Madonia Park East to try and get a vantage point of the CWLP power plant. I took several photographs from that location. Only a few of which I might post here. Personally I’m not to happy with the quality of the pictures taken. But it was cold and I wasn’t wanting to play around with to many settings to try and resolve the issues.

The photograph above was taken on Lincoln Greens golf course property. We had headed this way after leaving Tom Madonia Park. As you can see there seems to be no major damage that is visible from a distance. Although the State Journal Register is currently reporting that the damage is severe. Without a press pass I was unable to get close enough to make this determination for myself. All I could see from Tom Madonia Park East was the location of some emergency vehicles and what appeared to be smoke heading off in the direction of Stevenson Drive. This could have been the reported steam. In all the driving around town we did to get to this area we saw no homes or businesses without power. News reports have stated that power for the City of Springfield is up and running for everyone.

ABC News Channel 20 is reporting that this was a transformer explosion and the transformer was close to hydrogen tanks located on the power plant property. No one was injured in the explosion. Many local and regional fire fighters are on scene. The television report stated that local roads are now being reopened.

At many locations around Lake Springfield you had people trying to get a look at what was going on this evening at the CWLP plant.

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The State Journal Register has changed the title of their story twice now that I am aware of. They won’t leave a proper working permalink to any of their breaking news. Just goes to show they haven’t learned much in regards to how they run their online property. Either way I’ll link the current version of their article below.

CWLP fire under control, but damage appears severe State Journal Register Breaking News

Again this URL will not stay live for that many days. The link above is now dead because the newspaper for some reason feels it is ok to delete content that is considered breaking news when reporters update things with a full article. As I stated above and many times before. The State Journal Register is still stuck in the old way of thinking. Honestly if they want to run their online property this way they should just shut it down.

CWLP plant damaged by explosion State Journal Register

SJR just changed the article title to – Damage to Dallman power station to be “in the many millions of dollars”.

I’m not sure if the content of the article has drastically changed over the evening. How they do things over there is very annoying.

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Here is an example of how petty the local online community is – nothing new for people in our area – being petty. Considering the fact that I was right in the mix last night with those reporting the event. Yet for some reason another local blogger feels the need to be very childish and not give a link back here. I’ve said this time and again. I will always link to opinions I may not agree with and even at times people I may not like. Why? Because I prefer offering multiple viewpoints on a subject. This allows readers to get many different perspectives on what is being written about here. I’ve always offered many links with articles so that readers can in fact learn something and further explore the topic being discussed. Interesting how someone who actually went to the site of the event gets ignored. I also find it interesting that you would ignore an article that offers maps of the area being discussed. Along with background links on the company and area involved in the explosion.

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“And it was nice to have the SJ-R online with the real story to counter the rumors.”

Interesting yet again that he only gives credit to the State Journal Register in this case. Considering the fact that as soon as I got home last night from the Lake Springfield area I was writing this article. Both the State Journal Register and myself last night had photographic evidence that the plant was still standing. I even included a story in regards to what one person said in regards to rumors on the radio in my article. Yet with all this wealth of information and links back to many other articles on the subject. I’m totally ignored in regards to covering the CWLP explosion. How petty that many in the local online community can’t play fair. Yet many people still regard the online world as the great equalizer that gets passed this type of behavior. As I’ve written in the past. The internet is just like high school with all the silly cliques.

In the interest of full disclosure. Today three new links have been added to this article. One was to the latest State Journal Register story on the events that took place. The other link was to an article and photo set of the CWLP power plant tour in addition to the one I already had here. And I linked the article I discussed in detail above this disclosure.

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