How much security software is to much?

Here is an age old question. How much security software is to much? When does the amount of security software in use become overkill? Do you give up system performance and ease of use to be more secure? Can a balance between usability and security be found? In this security forum many feel you can never be to secure. Some users take this to the extreme with multiple versions of software that do the same thing or overlap. While I agree a layered security approach is something to put in place. I feel this can be done without hindering system performance or ease of use. I've found that a reasonable balance between security and performance can be found. Without the need for tons of software or hardware in place. And yes I even still use IE. A good example of why I don't get the alternative browser hype can be found in this recent post. I'm all for users having choice. I believe it's a users right to use the software they choose to use. I'd love if Microsoft would allow users to uninstall unwanted parts of their product. Such as being able to fully uninstall IE from the operating system. But I do not agree – that users should switch do to hype that in most cases isn't 100% true. Think FireFox hasn't had it's share of exploits and issues? Think again. The excuse will of course be from the zealot FireFox community. It's still in beta – even though it is in a release candidate now. No software is 100% safe against coding errors and exploit. Even Linux. I've shown this time and again.
I've gone off on a rant there a bit. The original idea for this. Was to see at what point users feel they have hit overkill in the process to secure their machines. Lets try to stay away from the IE versus FireFox debate. And just focus on when you as a user feel overkill has been hit. I'm going to turn on comments for this article. If things get out of hand. I'll just as quickly turn them back off. Part of the reason I've not had them on to this date. Is because I don't need the aggravation I get when posting in online forums. In this arena – keep in mind – I'm the moderator and in control. Lets try to have a civil conversation here.

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