Dick Gregory was at the Par-A-Dice hotel and casino last weekend

We spent last weekend at the Par-A-Dice hotel and casino. When we walked in to check-in we saw some event taking place. The parking lot was packed and the hotel had a coat check running that was full. At the time we didn’t ask anyone what was going on. Later in the evening while taking the hotel shuttle to the casino the driver told us that some Chicago NAACP event was taking place. As we had walked to leave the hotel before boarding the shuttle I saw a man who looked really familiar. At the time however I couldn’t place who it was. Not until later in the evening when this man passed the craps table at the Par-A-Dice did I find out who this person was. I said something to the man next to me about how I had seen this individual in the hotel earlier and swore he looked really familiar. This is when he told me that this was Dick Gregory. Many of you may know him as a comedian; others may know him as a political activist. I’ve been unable to find any news reports about the NAACP event at the Par-A-Dice hotel that weekend. All I know is Dick Gregory was one of many who attended.  

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