Dippin Dots creator in Little People Big World episode

Just in case Ticia still doesn’t believe in Dippin Dots. I can now offer further proof that this Ice Cream of the Future does indeed exist. Last night one of the episodes of Little People Big World took place for the most part in Paducah, Kentucky. In the later part of the show a barbeque picnic took place. At this barbeque Dippin Dots was featured. The┬ápresident and creator of Dippin Dots was in attendance. Curt Jones offered to fly the various members of the Roloff family to Nashville in the company plane.

For some reason Matt Roloff feels that Nashville, TN is the closest major airport to Paducah. I’m not so sure about this considering Louisville, KY and St. Louis, MO both have large┬ámetropolitan airports. However I’d have to check the driving distance to Paducah from these locations. Louisville should offer the least amount of mileage for driving. Then again why not just catch a connecting commuter flight to Paducah? Either way the Roloff family members that were in Kentucky got to make use of the Dippin Dots corporate jet. Dippin Dots was originally an Illinois product. Production now takes place in Paducah, Kentucky.

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