Squirrel escaping a cat

Squirrel escaping a cat

Unfortunately many of my neighbors allow their cats to roam free. While I understand their reasoning for doing so. I always have to question if this is the best thing for the health of their companion or other wildlife in the area. Recently I’ve been finding a lot of dead birds lying around our home. I’ve seen at least one roaming cat doing what instinct tells it to do. Of course their is no owner trying to correct this long learned behavior. I’m sure most would argue that there is no reason to. That this is just the natural process of things. The photo above was taken – I think – sometime during the summer of 2006. I had been in the backyard taking pictures when a cat started it’s chase of this squirrel. I tried┬ámy best to scare off the cat and save the squirrel. Then again maybe I was saving the cat. Either way the squirrel did not appreciate my efforts. It hissed at me and gave┬áthe attitude of leave me be. That is about the time this photo was taken. The cat had long gone by this time.

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Squirrel escaping a cat

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