Buck and does Wildlife Sanctuary Chatham IL

On October 6 2012 we were driving around Wildlife Sanctuary outside Chatham IL. We had come across several deer – nothing unusual for this area. Years ago it wasn’t all that traveled – nowadays you will see many cars driving through the area looking for wildlife – mostly deer.

On occasion other drivers – mostly older people will stop and chat – many times letting you know to be on the lookout around the corner. This is exactly what happened on this day. Someone pulled up and altered us that a good size buck was just down the road.

The video shows a buck with good size antlers and several does all feeding in this area right next to Lake Springfield.

Yesterday in our local newspaper their was a story about deer hanging out by the lake. In one of the photos the buck shown looks like the one above. The background also looked like this area of the lake. I could be wrong.

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Wildlife Sanctuary Chatham IL

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