Circuit City sends some Linksys customers to phone sex line

It seems Circuit City recently sold some Linksys routers in the United States that didn’t sell in India. Getting rid of inventory that is just taking up warehouse space I’m sure is nothing new. Where the problem comes about is when the Linksys support phone number doesn’t get properly updated. It seems that in India with the proper prefix the support number works just fine. That is an entirely different story here in the United States. If you dial the support number that comes with the Linksys India routers. What you will get is an offer for hot adult action. Yes that is right. The India Linksys support number dials a phone sex line here in the USA. I guess many recent Circuit City customers found this out the hard way. Circuit City has taken full responsibility for the issue. Stating that they shouldn’t be selling the Indian hardware here in the United States.

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Linksys Directs Users To Phone Sex Line – Because of a Circuit City screw up… –

Toll Free Sexy Time Linksys Tech Support Misprint Leads to Phone Sex Hotline Gizmodo

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