Chevy Volt at Obed and Isaacs Springfield IL

Technically I’m not sure if Obed and Isaacs customers are suppose to park in this parking lot. Every time we’ve eaten there this is where we park. While parking last Friday night I noticed a black Chevy Volt. I figured it would end up being the one I spotted in a Toronto Road lot. This would be easy to check since that Volt had a personalized license plate.

After a quick check I found that this was in fact another Chevy Volt I hadn’t seen. In the dark I didn’t see a dealership badge to know where they purchased the vehicle. If my count is correct this is the third Volt I’ve come across locally.

I really wanted to find the owner and have a chat. But with the large crowd inside Obed and Isaacs – that would have been impossible. Contrary to popular belief – electric car owners don’t all look like stoner hippies. All the ones I’ve seen look like everyday normal people.

When we left the restaurant the Volt was no longer in the parking lot.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of light to work with. Tried using our headlights to resolve that – as the video shows that didn’t work. I was also having to avoid getting ran over by a car pulling out and another pulling in. So the quality of the recording is average. Surprisingly the person we were having dinner with didn’t find my EV stalking odd.

That night was our fourth visit to Obed and Isaacs. Each time we have gotten great service and the food was obviously worth going back for.

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Obed and Isaacs Springfield IL

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