Peoria Journal Star finally gives press to Dick Gregory visit

While I’m sure there were many well known famous people attending the NAACP Freedom Banquet at the Par-A-Dice Hotel on Nov. 16 2007. I’ve not personally seen any mainstream press coverage of this event. My own experience is what I previously wrote about. Since I wasn’t at the Par-A-Dice Hotel for this event I could only write about things from my perspective. Which was I saw someone in a hotel lobby that looked very familiar. Only to find out later who it was when they were walking away from the casino cashier area located by the craps table. I didn’t even know the exact event name at the time I wrote my original story. While reading the free copy of the Peoria Journal Star at the Par-A-Dice Hotel this weekend. I came across a letter to the editor that questioned why Dick Gregory’s attendance at NAACP Freedom Banquet hadn’t been covered by the main stream press. Unfortunately it would seem that the person who wrote the letter hadn’t come across this website. My story on November 25, 2007 asked basically the same question. My efforts to find coverage of the event came up pretty much empty handed at the time I wrote the original article.

Dick Gregory was at the Par-A-Dice hotel and casino last weekend

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Dick Gregory remains a hero – The Peoria Journal Star Opinion and Editorial

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