ECO NUTS Seen on Shark Tank

ECO NUTS were featured on a recent episode of Shark Tank ( the American branding for Dragons’ Den ). During their appearance only the ECO NUTS laundry product was featured. As my video above clearly shows this company offers a wide variety of earth friendly laundry and cleaning products.

Most of what is shown above comes with the ECO NUTS Complete Natural Cleaning Set. I did purchase a few extras – the Natural Vegan Lip Balm, Natural Linen Spray, 5 lavender Dryer Sachets and 2 Soap Nut Body Bars.

For a number of years we have purchased our bath soap, lip balm, herbal laundry soap and other products from Green Thoughts Garden at the Old State Capitol Farmers Market in downtown Springfield, Illinois. During the winter months we purchase these items from the same vendor through their website. Their laundry soap ingredients are borax, sodium bicarbonate and shredded herbal soap.

I’m a big fan of this vendor – but if this ECO NUTS trial purchase performs well – unfortunately we will be purchasing one less product from Green Thoughts Garden.

So far I’ve done 3 loads of laundry with ECO NUTS. The clothes are just as clean compared to what we currently use. After drying – the clothes seem slightly softer. I’ve washed a set of bamboo sheets and a load of clothing.

I’m happy with the results and ease of use. A couple major positives for this product. Compared to liquid or powder detergents – ECO NUTS shouldn’t create any residue build up ( scrud ) over a period of use. Since the product doesn’t foam there shouldn’t be any residue to build up inside your washing machine. This should also reduce particles within the waste water from the washing cycle. ECO NUTS Natural Laundry Detergent is a multi use product. Put 4 to 5 ECO NUTS into the provided bag and you can use them up to 10 times. That helps save money and reduces waste. After the ECO NUTS have done their job you can place them outside to naturally biodegrade.

I’ve put the ECO NUTS Organic Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray to a quick use. It handled soap scum well inside a tub. Also used it to clean a kitchen counter. Only a few minor complaints – the spray nozzle feels a bit awkward. Also the product has a stronger vinegar scent than orange. Vinegar is an ingredient – but I expected a stronger orange smell.

The linen spray nozzle seems to drip more than spray. There was a small plastic rim below the nozzle that needed removed to get the product to pump. Maybe that didn’t get removed properly.

At this point I’m happy with the purchases. I’ll see if that continues after further use and giving the other products a test. I placed this order on November 4 2012 – shipping was free. Unfortunately ECO NUTS uses FedEX to United States Postal Service. This always adds an extra ( unnecessary ) day until delivery. With the recent holiday we wouldn’t have gotten our order today. But we went to the local post office to pick it up this evening ( November 13 2012 ). FedEX to USPS waste time and energy. Example – the FedEX truck delivering to our local post office most likely drove right past our house. Especially since we live in a small town just off a main road. It’s more efficient and effective for FedEx to just drop the order off at our home. Instead of making us wait another day as they deliver to USPS. Then USPS using their resources to get it to us.

Granted this delivery setup is most likely economically better for the companies shipping their products. But it’s not really efficient or customer friendly. Several other companies ship product this way. It’s very misleading when a customer gets a FedEx tracking number – but a FedEx truck doesn’t deliver the package(s). That being said shipping was free and was about the same delivery time you’d get from other vendors shipping from California to Illinois.

Update 9/6/17 – Haven’t used this brand in years. I do still use soap nuts for laundry.

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