Wabash Ave Wendy’s demolished

The┬átornado that struck Springfield, IL in March 2006 didn’t destroy the Wabash Avenue Wendy’s. However that location had sat empty for a little while before that major storm caused it’s destruction. This building has remained unoccupied since that time frame. I was just told over the phone that the former Wendy’s location on Wabash Avenue has now been leveled. I’m not sure when this took place. I don’t have any photos of the leveled building or it’s remains. If I’m near that location in the next few days I’ll try to remember to take a photograph or two.

Out with the old in with the new Dairy Queen Mr. J’s and the Barrel Head

Springfield IL March 2006 tornadoes on Weather Channel Storm Stories

UndoTV – Amateur video Springfield IL March 12 2006 tornado damage

Springfield IL region hit by tornado(s)

Dairy Queen MacArthur blvd August 2006

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