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From previous remarks on this subject I get the feeling I’m the only person who has ever had an issue with WordPress titles displaying the way I want them to. As I’ve stated many times before I will always make an effort to write an article when I find solutions to my problems. Even though many people may feel this is something that should be known or part of the basics. No matter how many people would argue otherwise. The default title setting for almost every WordPress theme is not set to a logical user friendly display. If like me this aggravates you to no end. I have the solution for you. Granted my opinion is that you shouldn’t have to fix this in the first place.

It should be setup with common sense to begin with. The solution is in the end fairly simple to implement. Go to your Presentation tab within your WordPress Dashboard. Then go to the the Theme Editor tab and find the Header section on the right. The top portion of code within the Header area should have a section that starts with the word title. Highlight all of this code up to the point where the next mention of title is. You will then replace the code with one of two pieces of code linked below. Which code you choose to use depends on how you would like your article titles to appear within WordPress. It has always been my opinion that if someone can be nice and lend a hand they should try to. Especially if it is as easy as providing a good link to help resolve a frustrating issue for that person. The sad thing is that most people online would rather be jerks or make snide comments like calling someone a newbie. Instead of getting off their backside and actually being a good person and helping the aggravated person out.

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