Is this A Paul Carlock Klutzo the Clown

Is this A Paul Carlock Klutzo the Clown

Honestly I’m not sure one way or the other if the male clown pictured here is Amon Paul Carlock Klutzo The Clown. Although the build and face do in fact look somewhat similar to pictures I have seen in the media of this person. This photo was taken last year ( 2006 ) around Christmas time. We had gone to Denny’s on Wabash Ave for a bite to eat ( it was the only thing open ). These clowns and many other customers were not happy that evening. The restaurant was under staffed and very busy. So food orders weren’t coming out in a timely fashion. Some people had a several hour wait to eat. That evening a very nasty bathroom odor could be smelled any time you were around the front door and cashier area. However the smell was not there when you went towards the bathroom doors. It was very odd. I may never be sure who is pictured in this photograph. However it would be sort of weird if it turns out to in fact be Klutzo The Clown. A Paul Carlock was Tasered several times while in the custody of the Sangamon County Sheriff’s department. One of those incidents ended up and may have caused or triggered a preexisting condition which led to his death.

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