State Journal Register ignores major Route 4 Veterans Parkway accidents

It’s interesting to me that The State Journal Register made a big deal about five accidents in less than an hour Friday morning yet didn’t cover the five very nasty accidents on Veterans Parkway last night. On the way to pickup a television stand and going out to eat last night I witnessed five very horrible accidents. Three of these were located by the Parkway Pointe area. Coming from Chatham right as you came over the bridge that crosses 1-72 you would have seen several car pile-ups. Honestly if you were paying attention you would have noticed these accidents way before then. Many drivers however were what I would call clueless.These crashes took place around seven o’clock last night. One vehicle had so much front-end damage the engine compartment was crushed to half it’s usual size. The next two accidents were around the Best Buy and Pasta House area of Route 4 / Veterans Parkway. One vehicle involved in that accident had it’s trunk collapsed in half. Another accident on the other side of the road had the vehicle under the backend of the car in front of it. I would venture to say that all of this accidents were do to someone not paying attention and being in to much of a hurry. All of these collisions seemed to have at least three vehicles involved per incident.

This might not have been the year for the Springfield police to decide not to have their mobile command post setup in the White Oaks Mall parking lot as they have done in previous years. With the severity of the accidents I was really surprised to find that a State Journal Register reporter hadn’t filed a report for today’s edition of the paper. These major accidents didn’t even make police beat. Granted this is not the first or I’m sure last time that I will see a major event not get coverage from traditional media. I hope that no one was injured in any of the accidents I saw on the roadside last night. I’d also hope that maybe some people would grow some commonsense from being involved or seeing what had taken place. Unfortunately I know this won’t be the case. From the driving behaviors I saw last weekend while on I-74, I-155 and I-55. I know that people don’t seem to learn valuable life lessons from others tragedy or their own mistakes of the past.

The link below offers information on the accidents the State Journal Register did not ignore.

Slick bridges cause five accidents in less than an hour on Springfield interstates; no serious injuries

Guess maybe the local paper needs to steal the CNN i-Report idea. So then maybe we can get true coverage of what is happening in our community. Not just what the editors deem worthy. These accidents took place early enough in the evening that a reporter could have covered them and had a story to press in time for today’s edition of the newspaper.

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