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The other day Cheryl had a question in relation to local weather forecast. I couldn’t remember ever hearing term she was curious about. And considering fact that I’ve never really studied weather I wouldn’t have any answers for her.

However both of us kind of had same thought. We felt that freezing fog was an odd term and a bit of a contradiction. The other night at dinner I half jokingly told her that she should email Chris Sloop Senior Vice President, CTO for WeatherBug and ask him about this. Of course she very directly said sure I’ll do that. Just send me his email address tomorrow. Well me being me this took me a couple of days to do. Today she received a reply that I will share here.

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Freezing fog is pretty cool stuff. What can happen (at least the way I understand it) is that you initially have weather that is pretty warm with humid air.  Cold air moves in and fog forms while the air is still above freezing…then the air temperature drops below freezing over time. Because the water droplets in the air get cooled to below freezing over time without being disturbed, the water gets super-cooled. Water can do that in the absence of kind of a catalyst to make it turn to ice. Here is a really cool super-cooled water video…

Super-cooled Water Video metacafe

Now, if the super-cooled fog/water droplets touches a surface, it immediately freezes. So, it is much like regular fog, but more dangerous since it can coat roads and other surfaces completely with thin layers of ice.

Hopefully that explains it.

I’d like to thank Chris for getting back to Cheryl with such a quick answer.

WeatherBug Management Team

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For the record previously I had stated his ( Chris Sloop ) position within the company as being the CEO. According to the linked management page above I was incorrect in stating this.

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Actually looking further into work WeatherBug does. This statement may be more true than previously thought. When perceiving WeatherBug as a software company that only provides weather information to computer users through a software program. I can see where myself and others might be flip with our comments in regards to life saving values. But WeatherBug in fact has a wider reaching presence in the world of weather forecasting. Software delivering forecast results actually seems like only a small part of this corporation’s operations.

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There was an interesting story told to me this year at Gnomedex that would be a great addition to my opinion on those that do business in the world of technology. It in fact is a perfect example of what I have stated in my writing many times before. Unfortunately I’ll have to leave things at that.

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