Your not a homeless hacker if your not hacking

Yes I’m going to make light of a serious issue. And yes I’m going to point out that the person recently written about in today’s State Journal Register article is just taking what I’ve done a step further. It was interesting how Dave Bakke seemed to feel this hadn’t been done in our area before. Granted I didn’t spend the whole evening outside. And it is true that I didn’t go exploring the homeless shelters within the community. Although I did briefly do volunteer work years ago at one of the shelters mentioned in the article. But let me put all that aside for a moment.

What is really interesting to me is that we have someone calling themselves a homeless hacker when in fact they aren’t actually doing any hacking. Not that I would condone such actions. However I’ve always felt if your going to label yourself with some type of tag. You should do your best to live up to that label you have adopted. I occasionally fail at this when I censor myself here. Now don’t take this to mean I’m not interested in the actions of the Central Illinois “homeless hacker”. It’s my opinion that it takes a good amount of courage to do what he is doing. If we had many others doing the same thing for just a few days time. I think many people would see the problem of homeless citizens in a different light. Keep in mind any type of social experiment like this could have some very negative results. Years ago I knew at least one person who tried this in Las Vegas and I think Denver.

To me it is rather interesting that the State Journal Register story did not point out that panhandling downtown is supposed to be against the law. And that the Illinois homeless hacker was in fact in violation of the city ordinance against this money making process. I guess this just points out that actual enforcement is weak. Then again there are more important security issues to be addressed in our community. One of those being the safety of the people who have to spend their lives on the streets. Yet if you have ever been accosted by an aggressive panhandler or homeless person you might feel differently. From my past experiences enforcing this ordinance would be wise.

For those of you who are interested I’ll provide a link to my experience earlier this year below. Keep in mind that many of my opinions expressed on various subjects are based upon life experience. It seems that a vocal minority of readers here don’t seem to understand I base my thoughts and opinions on the world I see and interact with.

Although it might not be the safest thing to do. Doing what I did this year or what the Illinois homeless hacker is doing now will make most people very humble. It’s a good way to remind yourself to be grateful for what you have. Even if that may not be all you want.

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A walk to downtown Springfield

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Just because your using leet speak in your webpage title does not make you a hacker. While I’m sure our Illinois homeless hacker is aware of this. I felt the need to point this out. Isn’t leet speak old fashion 1990’s Web 1.0 anyway? -smiles-

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